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Outreach Ministries

Community Care & Outreach Committee

What is the Community Care & Outreach Committee?

The Community Care & Outreach Committee is a group of parishioners committed to a call to action that will foster pastoral concern and promote social justice and peace for the people in our community and the world. CC&O is an extension of the Parish Council and works jointly with the Green Bay Diocese and other area social concerns efforts.

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Some of the Concerns Include:

  • Promotion of the respect for all human life through such activities as involvement in prayerful marches at the local Abortion Clinic, sharing valuable communications to those interested, connect with Wisconsin Right to Life and more
  • The pastoral care of the afflicted, the needy, and the imprisoned through such programs as our monthly NEW Homeless feeding
  • The pastoral care of the migrants and refugees through our Bread for the World initiatives and working with the poor
  • Stewardship which includes monthly volunteer opportunities connecting the people of our community with such local organizations such as:
  • Diocese monthly event link listed below which includes involvement with Catholics at Capitol and other campaigns.
  • All social concerns and promoting the greater understanding of the Church's teaching on social justice

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Other Topics for Consideration, and Leadership Opportunities:

Area Shelters in Need

  • NEW Community Shelter - drug free homeless and those needing food
  • St. John's Shelter - all homeless not welcomed at other locations
  • Freedom House -
  • Golden House - battered women and children
  • House of Hope - run by St. Vincent de Paul, for unwed mothers 18-24 yrs old
  • Oxford House - recovered addicts going back into work force
  • Oneida Housing
  • Family Service

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Diocese Website for Social Concerns:


  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Jail and prison ministry
  • Help for the Homeless - Brown County Coalition - Linda Doro 499-3942, established 1996, group divides all contributions equally to area shelters, will drop off boxes, posters, and pick up supplies as boxes are filled. Request shampoo, laundry soap, deodorant, etc, special drive during lent
  • Immigration; teaching English language
  • Service Trip(s) - Inner City Chicago, New Mexico, Haiti, Gulf Coast Hurricane areas
  • Women's Closet

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Current Members:

Membership is open to any interested parishioners from both St. Francis Xavier and St. Mary parishes.

  • Ken Linssen (DP Food Pantry - St. Anne's)
  • Dennis Watermolen (Habitat for Humanity)
  • Eileen Burnett, Linda Couch & Larry Hummel (Respect Life)
  • JoAnn Hennigan (Girl Scout Leader)
  • Mike Cotter, Debbie Ott (NEW Homeless Shelter)
  • Judy VanRyzin (Brown County Homeless and Housing Coalition)
  • Karoline Pluskowski, Kate Wiers (Members, Various)
  • Rodney Kowalczyk (St. Vincent de Paul)
  • Suzanne Pahl (Back to School Store)
  • Terry & Jane Charnetski, Tonya Young (St. John's Homeless Shelter)
  • Father Getchel

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NEW Membership Welcome:

We meet 3 times per year for updates from the various activity leaders and members. We continue to pray to hear our call regarding how we will all play together and have fun being the hands and feet of God. Time commitment is your decision. At this point some of the members come to the meetings trying to find their calling and determine where they are called. Others are involved with email and bulletin campaigns, meeting people after church to talk about Pro-life, leading prayerful marches at the Abortion Clinic, and with the activities listed above in the calendar of events. Check us out. We can talk more on the phone, or you can join a meeting. No commitment is required.

Office Administrator

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NEW Community Shelter Monthly Meal for the Homeless:

Our parish has taken on the responsibility to provide a meal on the third Monday of the month at the NEW Community Shelter located in Green Bay, WI. Volunteers transport the food to the shelter, warm and serve the food to approximately 100-200 people in need. We serve a delicious meal of Swan Club chicken, mashed potatoes, beans, coleslaw and roll. Dessert is lovingly home baked by one of our very dedicated parishioners. Volunteers are always welcome. Try it out for a meal and see if you like it! Please join us in this much needed outreach ministry. Please call the parish office or email lriv...@stmarydepere.org for further information or to volunteer.

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St. Vincent de Paul Society:

What is the Society of St. Vincent de Paul?

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a Catholic lay organization dedicated to ministering to the poor and to those in temporary need. Help is offered to all regardless of any religious affiliation. We are a person-to-person ministry that sees the face of Christ in the faces of those who are suffering. Services provided include temporary help with rent, utilities, clothing, household items, medical, and food. Education tuition scholarships are available for Catholic elementary and secondary schools as well as public and private technical schools and colleges. St. Vincent de Paul sponsors shelters for the homeless, including Ozanam House, House of Hope for expectant and young mothers, and DePaul Homes. The main retail store is located in Green Bay and is open to the public. Paul's Pantry, also in Green Bay, distributes food for persons with income below the government poverty line.

Our parish St. Vincent de Paul Conference members visit the homes of those in need to bring them food, financial assistance or sometimes, simply to listen. The parish conference is a collaborative effort between St. Mary and St. Francis Xavier of De Pere, WI and currently meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

How can I receive help from, donate to, or volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul?

If you are in need of help from St. Vincent de Paul, please call the Personal Service Center at 920-432-2579 or email the office at GBS...@netnet.net. If you wish to donate time or talent, please call 920-435-4040 or email the office. Their web page is www.svdpgb.org.

How can I volunteer or find out more information about the St. Mary-DePere St. Vincent de Paul Parish Conference?

To volunteer or find out more information about the St. Vincent de Paul St. Mary-De Pere Parish Conference, please call Char Rondou at 920-336-7352 or email rtherese@stfrancisdepere.org.

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De Pere Christian Outreach:

What is De Pere Christian Outreach?

De Pere Christian Outreach is a collaborative effort of eight Christian Churches in De Pere, WI. Their mission is to work together to provide assistance with food, clothing, shelter or monetary assistance to those in need who live in De Pere or are members of one of the eight churches. They operate a thrift store located at 506 Butler St., De Pere, WI (across the street from The Sports Corner in West De Pere), 920-339-1060. Guided by a board consisting of one representative and the pastor from each of the member churches, the Outreach store is run by volunteers and stocked through community donations.

How can I receive help from or volunteer at De Pere Christian Outreach?

If you are in need of help, wish more information or to volunteer, you can reach the De Pere Christian Outreach at 506 Butler Street, De Pere, WI, call 920-339-1060 or visit the website De Pere Christian Outreach.

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