Worship Schedule



3:00-3:45 PM
4:00 PM


9:00 AM
11:00 AM

Weekday Masses

7:30 AM

(Check Bulletin for Special Masses)

Anointing Information

By appointment.
Call Parish Office 920-336-1813.

Parish Administration

If you are interested in becoming a member of one of these committees, feel free to call the Parish Office (336-1813) to learn about openings as well as to obtain additional information. For more volunteer opportunities, you can also scan through the Time and Talent Form.

Parish Council

The Parish Council consists of selected at-large members and committee representatives who assist the pastor in making decisions, such as the mission, goals and policies, for the parish. They work as the "consensus forming body" seeking to find general agreement among its members on issues facing the parish. At-large members are selected for a three-year term with staggered terms of service. Committee representatives are selected from their respective committees for one to three year terms.

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The trustees of the parish are official legal officers of the parish. They are entrusted to monitor the "business" dealings of the parish. The two positions are Trustee-Secretary and Trustee-Treasurer. Trustees are elected for a two-year term and may serve for three consecutive terms.

Secretary: Ken Linssen

Treasurer: Karen Lampereur

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Finance Committee

Members of the Finance Committee are usually versed in financial matters and assist the pastor and business manager in making financial decisions for the parish. They perform functions including budget preparation, fund raising, accounting systems, and personnel administration. Members are selected for a three-year term with staggered terms of service.

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Buildings and Grounds Committee

Members of this committee usually have interest and/or knowledge in building/building repair/ maintenance/electrical/ heating/grounds keeping/landscaping or other related fields. They are responsible for the maintenance of parish buildings and grounds, and supervising remodeling, etc. Members are selected for a three-year term with staggered terms of service.

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Community Care & Outreach Committee

This is a group of parishioners interested in programs and outreach activities of the parish. They over see volunteers that: distribute tithing funds of the parish; provide and serve meals at Room at the Inn; provide meals at Freedom House; plan Respect Life activities; coordinate outreach to refugees; and mobile meals volunteers as well as peace and various legislation. Click here for more information.

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Liturgy and Worship Committee

The committee helps coordinate volunteers that assist with worship and the environment, including: servers (boys and girls grades 4 through adult), Ministers of the Eucharist/Communion Distributors (Confirmed men and women of the parish who have been trained to assist the priest), Ministers of the Word (Confirmed men and women of the parish who have been trained to proclaim the readings), Ministers of Hospitality/Ushers (Men and women of the parish who are willing to assist others during the Liturgy), Choir (Talented musicians, cantors and singers willing to share their talent at Liturgy), Funeral Choir (Volunteers from St. Francis and St. Mary who sing at funerals at both parishes), and Funeral Dinners (Volunteers who will prepare and serve a luncheon for the loved ones of a parishioner who has died). Click here for more information.

Director of Worship: Open

Eucharistic Minister Coordinator: Kay Bougie

Lector Coordinator: John Miller

Minister of Hospitality: Open

Funeral Dinner Coordinator: Marilyn Olson

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FOCCUS Couples

Chair: Open

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Baptism Preparation Volunteers

Chair: Open

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Stewardship Formation Team

Chairs: Tom/Lois Schumacher

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